School days

Several Granby pupils have contacted me since the Advertiser printed some Granby photographs for me in Memory Lane.

On page 20 of this week’s paper is a photograph of pupils in my class who visited old age pensioner clubs and hospital wards to entertain.

My memory of those in the photograph was helped by Danny Lancashire who was not in the photo.

Of those in the photo, I have recently heard from Les Clifford, who started work at Stanton Ironworks and eventually formed his own company with a colleague.

Hazel Meacham who commented on one of our plays ‘The Magic Shoes’.

She thinks they were starstruck days and can remember the smell of grease paint. Graham Adams, after a wanderer’s life, has already written four books (available from Ilkeston Library). The first book was ‘The Stone’.

Derek Taylor remains in my mind as the cobbler in ‘The Magic Shoes. He was word perfect and his accent was so accurate. If any of his relatives or children see this letter, I hope they will contact the Advertiser.

If anyone responds to this letter or the photo on page 20, I will contact them.

My book is almost complete, but writing it and getting in touch with so many ex-pupils provides many memories for an 85-year-old.

Norman Langley