School injury claims hit county council


Thousands of pounds have been paid out in compensation claims to pupils and staff injured at Derbyshire schools.

A secondary school child who was hurt on a trip received £40,000 in damages, the highest amount paid out by Derbyshire County Council in the last three years.

Other pupils received cash for a range of injuries including falling and using faulty equipment.

Data obtained following a Freedom of Information request shows claims totalling more than £400,000 have been paid out since 2010.

A student aged between 12 and 16 who was struck by an object received £23,710 and another teenager was paid £25,000 after being bullied.

A primary pupil received £7,587 following a slip in the classroom and a child, aged between five and 11, sustained a burn and on that occasion the claim totalled £2,100.

The smallest amount, £750, was paid to a secondary school pupil who was struck by an object.

The highest staff payout was to an employee injured by a ‘premise defect’.

They received £30,000.

Another staff member injured by ‘lifting and handling’ was paid £13,000 and over £60,000 was paid out to 11 employees injured due to 

Compensation was also paid out to workers who suffered abuse or assaults.

The smallest amount, £1,200, was paid to a member of staff who used defective equipment.

Details of the schools where the incidents happened, the sex of the people involved and exact ages have not been released by the council.

A spokeswoman for the authority said they could not go into details about specific cases but claims are decided on the amount of pain, suffering and loss caused.

She added: “Damages are payable only in the event that a breach of either common law or statutory duty can be 
established on the balance of probabilities.

“Any consent form signed by parents/carers provides permission for the child to participate in the trip/activity. Legally it is not permissible to limit liability for personal injury in this way.”

Compensation is usually paid from the council’s 
insurance and risk fund.