School ‘to lose’ its top rating

NRHN 16-08-12 BE 18 Heanor gate school rth form A level results.
NRHN 16-08-12 BE 18 Heanor gate school rth form A level results.

A secondary school in the catchment area for Ilkeston students may lose its ‘outstanding’ rating.

Heanor Gate Science College is the latest of more than 100 ‘outstanding’ schools to fall victim to new Government watchdog guidelines.

A letter sent out by the academy-status college has warned parents that the school is likely to be downgraded from its top 2011 assessment by Ofsted following a recent inspection.

The full report is not due to be published for another four weeks but the letter, signed by head teacher Rob Howard and chairman of governors Wayne Judson, said: “What we are able to say to you is that the final report will not judge the school in the same category given in our previous inspection in 2011.”

It added that while exam results were ‘very good’, inspectors deemed there to be ‘one or two areas that are in need of improvement’.

“Unfortunately the new framework is so rigid that if a relatively small number of students in a key group for a key subjects under-perform, then schools are being judged as inadequate,.”

“This is the situation we are likely to find ourselves in.”

The school would join more than 100 schools previously ranked ‘outstanding’ to have lost their top-level status after inspections over the past year after Ofsted introduced reforms in September.