Schoolgirl runs mini marathon for charity

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A SCHOOLGIRL raised more than £200 for charity after following in her father’s footsteps and running a fundraising race.

Camille Beardsley raised £232 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association after her dad, Mark, collected £3,000 for the charity when he ran the London Marathon.

Ten-year-old Camille decided to take part in the children’s 4km race held the day before the Great North Run because her neighbour, Sheila Johnson’s son has the condition.

Sheila said: “One day she came round and asked me if she could have ‘one of those forms where people pay you money for MND for running.’

“I gave her a form and her mum and dad sponsored her.

“Camille wrapped all her fluffly toys in bright paper with a price on and we sold them at a stall at Derby Hospital to help raise more money.

“She’s done brilliantly to raise the money and is such a kind, thoughtful little girl.”