Scooter users need training


I read the piece in your paper recently about the lady that was run over at Tesco by a mobility scooter, I also read about the baby that had been run into by a motorised scooter.

Four months ago I was going into Tesco and a woman on a mobility scooter came zooming out of the entrance of Tesco at approximately 15 mph, she nearly knocked me off my feet and I had to jump out the way myself so not to be knocked down,

I asked her what she thought she was doing going that fast and not even stopping when she saw me and all I got told was that I got in her way as she sped off, I didn’t even get a sorry.

I went to the customer service desk in Tesco and complained to the staff, they informed me they knew about the problem, to which I replied it was about time the issue was sorted out because if I’d have been with my grandchild he would have been seriously hurt.

It will only be a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured.

Most people don’t know how to use these scooters and think pedestrians should move out the way but some people cannot move out of the way as quickly as the drivers of these vehicles want.

I think these so-called mobility scooters should have tax and insurance, and also the drivers should also take a safety test before being allowed to even have one, some of these scooters are as big as a car, most have headlights, brakelights, indicators and seatbelts. Basically they are an electric car so why don’t they have to have the same licence as a normal car or scooter driver? As a basic minimum they should have a safety test before being allowed one and public liability insurance, so at the very least the lady who was knocked down at Tesco could make a claim against the insurance company of the driver of the mobility scooter.

These mobility scooters are now so big it is not even safe to be on the public footpaths.

I have also noticed people having to go off the footpaths and onto the road just so someone in these scooters can get past. It’s all just becoming a ridiculous situation and something needs to be done.

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