Search for an old friend

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I lived in Babbington from 1945 to 1951 and then in West Hallam until 1957.

My friend was Joan Webster, daughter of Fred and Winnie Webster, lay preachers at Adam Street Assembly Rooms. They were farmers in Babbington and Joan and I were the only small children there at that time. 
We were very close until my family moved to West Hallam. We both went to school in Awsworth in the old red brick infant and junior schools. The Websters moved to Ilkeston and Fred became a meter reader. Joan went to Chaucer School and I went to Kensington. After that we met again when we both went to Hallcroft Girls’ School in 1953. There had been a gap and we were no longer close fiends. Since then I have moved about the country and now live in rural Aberdeenshire. 
I often think of Joan and would love to get in touch with her.
I am already 70 years old and she too will be 70 on April 30 this year. Who knows I may already may be too late.
I was Janet Mount, now Janet Healey. Did Joan marry? I don’t have a surname for her if so. I would be glad of any information or contacts that might help or indeed anyone who remembers Babbington as it was at the time.

Janet Healey

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