Second World War pistol and six shotguns handed into Derbyshire police

Smith & Wesson pistol.
Smith & Wesson pistol.

A Second World War pistol and six shotguns are among the weapons handed to Derbyshire police during an ongoing firearms surrender.

Derbyshire Constabulary is inviting people to hand over their guns to help reduce the number of firearms in circulation in Derbyshire.

Rifles handed in during the firearms surrender.

Rifles handed in during the firearms surrender.

A Derbyshire Constabulary spokesman said: "By giving people the chance to hand them over, we can safely dispose of them and stop them falling into the hands of criminals and used in offences such as armed robbery.

"The Smith & Wesson pistol belonged to a soldier in the Second World War and was handed in by his son as part of the surrender.

"It is among about 25 items we have received, which also includes six shotguns, a dozen air rifles and air pistols, and several BB guns and imitation weapons including one fashioned as a pump-action shotgun."

The surrender runs until Sunday, November 26 and means that people can dispose of firearms in a safe place. During the surrender, people handing in guns can remain anonymous.

Shotgun handed in during the firearms surrender.

Shotgun handed in during the firearms surrender.

The police spokesman added: "The history of each live weapon will be checked for evidence of its use in crime and if they have not been used in criminality, they will be melted down or recycled.

"As well as urging people to hand over firearms they don’t legally hold, we also want people to hand in any antique weapons or legally-owned guns that licence holders no longer want or need.

"And we also want people to give us any replica or imitation weapons such as BB guns, so they can’t be used to commit crime."

People who have guns they want to hand over to Derbyshire police can do so at four locations across the county – St Mary’s Wharf and Pear Tree police station in Derby; Chesterfield police station; and Buxton police station.

Anyone who has a firearm, replica or imitation that they want to hand in is advised to keep the item out of sight while they are bringing it to one of our locations.

If you need more advice about what to do with a firearm or ammunition, call us on 101.