Sergeant issues warning over tools

Derbyshire Police
Derbyshire Police

Thieves are using tools left out in gardens to break into sheds in Ilkeston.

Sgt John Troup, in charge of the town’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams, has warned residents to make sure outbuildings and gardens sheds are secure and not to leave tools out after using them.

He said: “The weather has only just started to get better but already we’ve had a few reports of break-ins where thieves have used tools left out in the garden to force their way into sheds and outbuildings.

“It’s something that can be easily avoided if people just lock up their valuables and don’t make it easy for thieves by leaving out spades, forks and other garden tools.”

More than 300 homes across Ilkeston were visited by police officers earlier this month , who issued advice about outbuilding security and made residents more aware of the rise in shed crime.

Sgt Troup added: “Don’t become a victim, take precautions to make sure your possessions are safe and avoid an unwanted garden visitor.”