Service from Co-op staff will be missed

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I would like to say a big thank you to all the ladies and gentlemen who worked at Ilkeston Co-op for all the years of continuous, old-fashioned customer care and good service they all provided.

I well remember when we flooded and I ordered a new settee. Even though it was a half-price sale, I was able to pick the exact colour and it was made to specific requirements.

Our building work was substantially delayed and Ilkeston Co-op kept the settee in storage for months for us.

When it came to finally delivering it, it wouldn’t fit through the door of a humble terraced house. In my initial exuberance I had completely forgotten the necessity of a simple tape measure!

With the greatest of courtesy and a smile, they took the settee back and let me re-order a completely different one. I was armed this time with a tape measure and they waived the delivery charge.

What an unbelievably fantastic service over and above what was required of them and what, in my view, some other retail outlets would have done.

Any seldom encountered faults in the quality of merchandise over the years was always exchanged with no quibbles with that old-fashioned service seldom encountered in modern consumerism, thus enabling us to buy with complete trust and confidence.

One of the things I will miss is what I and several generations of my family have delighted at for so many years — the Co-op Christmas toy display in the window.

Many cold, dark nights were paused when scurrying by to watch the train chugging round the Christmas tree, the animated Santa and elves and mirage of twinkling lights among the toys, with excited children’s noses pressed against the window in eager anticipation.

But the thing I will miss the most is that wonderful service the staff, past and present, have given over the years. I know many others who are deeply saddened such an institution, which generations have grown up with and expected to remain forever, has now gone.

I would just like to say a really big thank you to all of Ilkeston Co-op staff and wish you all the very best for the future. You will be assets to any future retail outlets with your level of service and customer care. With the very best of luck to you all and once again a very big, heartfelt thank you.

Diane Charlton,

Wentworth Street, Ilkeston.