Shadow minister backs station plan

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LABOUR’s Shadow Transport Minister, Lilian Greenwood MP, visited Ilkeston on Monday and backed the campaign for a town train station.

Lilian heard the case for a station from Howard Griffiths, leader of the Erewash Labour Group, and Cllr John Frudd, Erewash Labour Group’s spokesman for the Ilkeston Train Station.

At the Station Street site where the Labour group want to see the station built the group discussed the benefits that station would bring to the town.

She said: “With over 30,000 residents Ilkeston is the largest town without a train station.

“Despite weak commitments from the Government, the people of Ilkeston are still waiting.

“The time for talking is over, it is time to get Ilkeston train station on track.”

She made her visit as she was promoting East Midlands Labour’s five point plan for jobs and growth.

She added: “A train station would be a massive boost to Ilkeston and would help achieve the five points of the plan.

“It would help the town link up with neighbouring cities making it easier for people to access employment and training and education opportunities. Also having a station could encourage businesses to move here to Ilkeston.”

More than 1,400 people have signed petition slips printed in the ‘Tiser as part of our Get Ilkeston Back on Track campaign.

If you haven’t pledged your support yet turn to page three and fill in the form.