Shame about nursery closure

I read the article concerning the closure of Cotmanhay PSLA nursery (Advertiser July 26) and would like to express my condolensces to parents and staff.

However, I would also like ‘Tiser readers to know that Kirk Hallam has suffered the same loss. PSLA have had to close their setting at Kirk Hallam, based at Dallimore Primary School. 
Parents there have had to rush to find alternative childcare arrangements, with many struggling to do so. Staff are being redeployed elsewhere, luckily, but are understandably saddened by the loss too. Staff at Kirk Hallam Childcare held a party to say goodbye and thank you to their parents and children in July. Parents and children were bid a final farewell on Friday July 20, when doors closed to seven years of providing an affordable childcare service.
It’s a great shame that this is happening in areas that need it the most.

Suzie Wright