Shop broke in to for £3

Thieves caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage when they broke in to a cake shop in Ilkeston and stole £3.

Creative Occasions on Nottingham Road was targeted in the early hours of Thursday May 23. Owner Sarah Martin was alerted at 6.45am by a member of the public who was cycling past and noticed the shop door wide open.

This is the third time in the six years that Sarah has owned the shop that it has been broken in to.

She said: It’s cakes. I have no idea why they targeted here. They took £3, it was all 1p, 2ps and 5p coins.

“I shouldn’t have to have bars up on the front of the shop, it would be like working in a prison. It does unnerve you and makes you frightened. It’s lucky that nobody was hurt.”

Sarah has also thanked the member of the public who called her mobile after seeing the number on the front of the shop.

She said: “It was fantastic of him and shows there are some good people about.

“I said to him that I was so grateful to him for using his initiative. Without people like that it’s a poor society. There must have been a lot of people who had seen it - the door was wide open.”

She added that she had no idea why her shop was targeted, adding: “I could go somewhere else but then they have won.”

The door was kicked in by the thieves who broke through two heavy duty locks, leaving their footprints on the door.

Police are appealing for witnesses . A spokesman said: “A member of the public spotted the damaged front door. Police were called and found the till had been forced open and a small amount of money had been taken. A charity box on the counter had also been opened.”

Witnesses can call police on 101.