Short stay of execution for closure-threatened nursery

NILA 23-10-12 BE 8 The pavillion community centre, Cotmanhay.
NILA 23-10-12 BE 8 The pavillion community centre, Cotmanhay.

A nursery facing the axe for the second time in two years will remain open for an extra term to help parents find alternative childcare.

The Pre-School Learning Alliance (PLA) in Cotmanhay was due to close on Friday but has been saved until the summer by funding from Derbyshire County Council.

The facility, based at the Pavillion on Shirebrook Road, offers affordable and flexible childcare to local parents.

A letter was sent out earlier this year explaining that due to financial reasons the centre would close.

Elizabeth Law’s three-year-old daughter Imogen went to the centre until a couple of weeks ago.

Elizabeth, a care assistant, explained: “The childcare provided there was top quality and was extremely flexible and affordable.

“With the job I do it suited me brilliantly but with the constant uncertainty I had to make a decision I didn’t want to and find an alternative.

“What doesn’t make sense is that the service was operating at full capacity and was well used.

“It was a vital community asset and it’s terrible that it has come to this.”

A spokesman for the PLA said: “We have carefully reviewed all viable options for the continuation of Cotmanhay Childcare.

“We can now confirm that it will close at the end of the summer term and not on April 11 as first proposed.

“We are all disappointed that the service will close at this time however we hope that by extending the closure date, we can support families in this unsettling interim period.”