NEAABE120424g2, Cat Storm who was shot with a pellet and had its leg amputated.
NEAABE120424g2, Cat Storm who was shot with a pellet and had its leg amputated.

A FAMILY pet cat has had to have a leg amputated after it was shot by thugs with a pellet gun.

Kira Luckcuck’s 13-month-old pet Storm returned to her home on Friday night with blood dripping from his leg.

The family rushed the cat to the emergency vets and were told to take him into their normal surgery the following morning.

During their appointment they were told Storm needed emergency surgery and that his injuries had been caused by a pellet gun.

Kira said: “I just couldn’t believe what we were being told. I was so shocked.

“We thought he’d been hit by a car or involved in some sort of accident but to think that he’d been shot is just disgusting. What sort of person arms themselves with a gun and then shoots a helpless animal? Whoever did this is scum.”

Kira, who lives with her husband Richard and the couple’s 19-month-old son Joshua, in The Glebe, Cossall, said she wanted to tell her story in case the vandals target any more pets in the area.

She added: “I know some people might think it’s just a cat but he is part of our family.

“If you’re the sort of person who goes around shooting cats what else might you do? What if they missed and hit someone walking by? They could hurt a child or anything, they are just careless.”

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said: “Attacks such as this on a family pet can best be described as callous and indefensible. Not only do they clearly cause serious injury and pain for the animal but it is also a matter of great distress for its owner.“

And the vet who treated Storm, Sonia Garcia, called those responsible for the callous attack ‘mindless criminals’.

She said: “It’s awful. An act of terrible cruelty. You just can’t defend it. They are mindless criminals. We see a few cases a year. It’s not unusual.

“Sometimes when you do an X-ray for something else and you find a pellet where the animal has been shot in the past. Nobody notices at the time because the pellet didn’t penetrate the cavity.”

Anyone who knows who may have caused this injury or has any other information about the shooting should call beat manager Pc Dean Spalding on 07525 989428.