Sites identified for potential housing

NILABE101124a2, cllr chris corbett
NILABE101124a2, cllr chris corbett

two areas of Ilkeston have been identified as potential sites for up to 1,200 new homes by Erewash Borough Council.

The west of Quarry Hill Road and an area called Ilkeston West, situated to the west of the Manners Industrial Estate could provide the land needed for 1,200 homes.

Leader of the council, Cllr Chris Corbett, said: “With a growing population and a need for more houses it’s important that as a council we are prepared for these things.

“Stanton is taking longer than any of us imagined and, with the economy how it is, house building is not what it was - so we need to be prepared.

“Both of the sites that have been identified are not built on at the moment and are not green belt.

“We know that Stanton will bear the brunt of most of the houses we need to build over the next 20 years but we need to be sure that there are other sites should they be required.”

Neither of the sites have been earmarked for any development and are, at this stage, proposed areas of interest.

Councillors will review the two sites at a meeting next week before deciding whether a public consultation will take place later this year.

Councils across the country are being handed housing targets to allow them to highlight areas suitable for building.

They are advised to do this to protect their communities and to prevent developers buying up land where local residents oppose to new homes being built.

Cllr Corbett added: “As an area we have a duty to make sure there are enough houses.

“With a growing population, more people living alone and people living longer we are bound to need more homes.

“We are opposed to building on green belt so we are looking at alternatives.”

Earlier this year the council said that housing requirement would mean 6,214 homes needed to be built in the borough between now and 2028.

Deputy leader of the Erewash Labour group, Cllr Frank Phillips, added: “Stanton has taken far longer than anyone expected and that’s because of access.

“Until access to the site has been sorted it there won’t be any houses on there and it seems that the issue is a bit of a stalemate at present.

“Without development at Stanton the number of homes the council has to put elsewhere will increase.

“There are other areas that could be better for development but most of those are green belt and that presents difficulties.

“The problem the council has is that we have to identify sites or we risk being penalised by central government.

“If we don’t say here are some places to build, then developers could have the upper hand leaving local people without a fair say.

“People don’t want houses building near to them but we have to have new homes built somewhere so identifying places now is the best course of action.”