Skiing on timetable for Ilkeston pupils

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A memorable ski trip to Italy was on the timetable for 40 students from St John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy (CVA) in Ilkeston.

The students from years ten and 11 spent a week in Aprica, a town in the province of Sondrio, Lombardo, northern Italy.

Students Orla Gorman, 14, and Kenzie Henshaw, 15, said they both had an amazing time.

Orla said: “When we arrived we were split into groups according to how experienced we were.

“I was in the group that was the middle to high level ability as I’ve skied before and I went to America skiing with school last year.

“I liked going up to the top and seeing the view, you could see everything.

“My favourite part was when we had a race, it was a slalom and we were all timed.”

Kenzie said: “This was my first time skiing although we did have a practice session at Swadlincote Ski Centre.

“The first time I went out on the slopes with my group we were just learning how to start and stop and basically learning how to ski without falling over.

“We were lucky because it snowed just before we got there and the weather was lovely; it was really hot.

“Some of us were even skiing without coats on. I loved it and because I’ve skied before I found I could do a lot more on this trip.

“It was great to be away with my friends too in this environment. We also went sledging and ice skating.

“The trip was the best experience of my life.”