Slideshow: Teenagers get their glad rags on for proms

Teenagers donned their best suits and frocks for their end-of-year prom at two Ilkeston schools.

The events are a highlight of the school calender for many pupils and provided a chance for them to arrive at venues in style, in a range of exciting vehicles.

School-leavers at Kirk Hallam Community and Technology College attended their prom in a marquee at Derbyshire county cricket ground. Prom king and queen for the night were Jack Roberts and Jessica Cramm.

Our photos show groups posing for their prom photos as a special keepsake of their time at school.

Pupils at Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy have also enjoyed their end-of-year prom with an event taking place for each campus, with one held in Risley and the other at Morley Hayes hotel.

The photos from Kirk Hallam Community and Technology College are courtesy of Martelle Photography.