Sneak peek inside reopened Ilkeston pub

Lisa Chapman of the Needlemakers Arms in Ilkeston.
Lisa Chapman of the Needlemakers Arms in Ilkeston.

The Needlemakers Arms in Ilkeston is back and open for business after months of standing empty and being ravaged by vandals.

The Ilkeston pub, which is on Kensington Street, has been taken over by Lisa Chapman and her family. It has recently opened its doors with a brand new team and a brand new interior.

Needlemakers Arms in Ilkeston.

Needlemakers Arms in Ilkeston.

Originally, The Needlemakers Arms was expected to open its doors on July 9.

But sadly due to a large amount of vandalism caused during several break-ins while it was laying empty, the reopening had to be postponed until August 2 when the pub was ‘up to scratch’ and the new owner Lisa deemed it fit to welcome customers.

Lisa said: “The delay in opening was down to the extent of the damage caused with break-ins while it was shut. All the copper piping had been stolen and had to be replaced so we had no water at all. Some of the electrics needed replacing also.”

After a low key opening night which was advertised on the pub’s Facebook page, staff opened the doors at 3pm and hoped for the customers to come along.

Needlemakers Arms in Ilkeston.

Needlemakers Arms in Ilkeston.

Thankfully, the punters rolled in. Some people were even waiting outside the pub for the doors to open. Everyone on the busy opening night was able to enjoy a buffet laid on the by Lisa and her team.

They are also hoping to host live music events every Friday night – with the first act, Space McQuirk, packing out the pub which Lisa said was a very welcome surprise.

The pub is still undergoing a small amount of renovation work even after its re-opening. However, this isn’t stopping the customers. Lisa has recently added a pool table and has hopes of getting darts, pool and dominos teams back into the pub and restore it to the community hub it used to be.

She said: “Business has been steady and more new faces are coming in as word gets around.”

The pub will only be serving cold food, such as pork pies and filled rolls once it gets its food hygiene rating.

The pub is also looking to welcome families and four-legged friends to come and enjoy the new and improved Needlemakers Arms alongside regulars ‘to cement it as part of the community’.

There will also be a piano player on Monday nights between 6-10pm who will be there to provide a different atmosphere to what you might expect from a local pub.

The Needlemakers Arms will be open from noon everyday until late.