‘Sort out danger curb’ plea

Stranded post van, Stanton Road
Stranded post van, Stanton Road

A couple have had enough of drivers ringing their doorbell after they have become stranded on the unusual curb in front of their home.

Every year three or four cars find themselves lodged on the jutting curb at the corner of Stanton Road and Black Hills Drive, having pulled in to the side of the road. according to Ray and Kathy Sylvester.

They said that drivers heading up the hill towards Ilkeston centre often do not notice how high the curb sticks out and find their vehicles get marooned – including the latest victim, a Royal Mail van two weeks ago.

Now, after 30 years, they have begged the council to warn drivers of the danger and have even offered to paint the curb at to warn drivers of the danger.

“To be honest – it’s no skin off our nose whether the council stops this or not,” said Ray.

“But it’s our doorbell they ring when they get stuck.

He said before the latest incident, a school bus and a taxi had become marooned.

“I felt so sorry for the young post girl who got stuck – the damage to the underside of the vehicles must be terrible.” he added.

Derbyshire County Council – which deals with roads in the county – said it will look again at the curb but said it was ‘unlikely’ it would do anything to warn drivers about the curb.

A spokesman for the authority said: “Pavements are for people and not for parking vehicles on.

“If all drivers kept to the road rather than the pavement then this wouldn’t be an issue.”