Speed petition after cat death

Lucy Stevenson and, inset, her mum Sue Ward's cat Charlie, who was killed in Norman Street on Saturday.
Lucy Stevenson and, inset, her mum Sue Ward's cat Charlie, who was killed in Norman Street on Saturday.

A ‘HEARTBROKEN’ family is organising a petition after a second pet cat has been killed on a Cotmanhay street.

Lucy Stevenson’s cat Izzy was killed in January by a speeding motorist in Norman Street – and now her mum’s cat Charlie has suffered the same fate.

The all-grey cat’s mangled body was found by neighbours on the pavement on Saturday at about 10am and it appeared to have been dragged from the middle of the road where it is thought a vehicle hit him at speed.

Lucy, who was looking after Charlie for her mum Sue Ward, said more needs to be done to slow down speeding drivers.

“Words can’t begin to explain how totally and utterly devastated we are that this has happened again in just under seven months,” she said.

“It’s upset a lot of my neighbours but it’s rocked my whole family.

“It’s opened up all the old wounds from when Izzy died.

“When I told my mum she was completely heartbroken.”

She is gathering neighbours’ signatures on a petition to present to Erewash Borough Council demanding action on the street.

“I just think something needs to be done,” she said.

“Everyone has had enough of the way people drive up and down this street.

“It’s only a matter of time before it’s a child.”

Lucy thinks there should be a reduction in the 30mph speed limit on the street, which is home to families with children and pets and is close to Granby Junior School and Charlotte Infants School.

“The vets said they must have been travelling at some speed looking at his injuries,” she said.

When Lucy and husband David arrived back from the pet crematorium on Sunday with Charlie’s ashes, they found a sign they had put up on Norman Street asking for information about the incident had been torn down.

“Maybe it was someone with a guilty conscience,” she said, “But it hurt us on top of how we were already feeling.”

The family is putting up a reward for information about the accident. Contact us at the Advertiser on 0115 944 6181 and we will pass your information on to Lucy.