Spring offers hope and joy to us all

I love the spring. It’s so refreshing after the winter months. The days start to get longer and brighter. Our gardens, parks and fields start to show the growth of spring flowers. Most of our hedges the leaves have now reached full bloom. All around us the fruit trees are showing off their blossom. As I travel in the countryside it is wonderful to see the young baby lambs skipping in the fields.

When I was a community chaplain I can remember taking a day centre group on a trip to Rufford Park. Winter was drawing to a close. Many of these members were suffering from depression. As we walked into the park one of the members of the group noticed a snow drop growing from the ground. The bushes and trees were still quite barren. Everyone’s mood changed. It’s amazing what the first signs of spring can do.

Spring is a sign of new life and new beginnings. We have just past from winter which many people find quite a hard season to face. Those long dark nights, the cold and being restricted to stay in. But winter is needed to allow our plants and vegetation to grow. Spring brings about a transformation.

For Christians in Northern Europe Spring fits in the theme of Easter of new life and new beginnings. Our churches are filled with an abundance of flowers and we wear the brightest of robes. The message of the Easter Story is of Hope. That God so loved the world that he was born in Jesus who showed unconditional love. We all matter to him. He died on the cross, so that our sins are forgiven. He offers to those who believe eternal life.

Rev Paul Waters, Associate Priest Holy Trinity, Ilkeston.