Squash courts to classrooms

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Councillors fear more traffic trouble when squash courts are turned into four classrooms at a Sandiacre school.

The work was approved by Erewash’s planning committee, which heard it would provide more room for Friesland School’s sixth form.

Cllr Howard Griffiths hoped the development could include conditions to improve road conditions around the Nursery Avenue junction.

“There is often traffic queueing at the junction with Bostocks Lane at peak times and children are crossing going to and from school,” he said.

Planning chairman Cllr Robert Parkinson pointed out that the committee’s coach was caught in a traffic jam when they visited the campus before the meeting.

However the commitee decided against seeking road improvements after head of planning Steve Birkinshaw said the Highways Authority had raised no objections.

Cllr Donna Briggs said squash was very popular when the courts were opened and she described it as a ‘ghastly building’.

Two squash courts will remain in use and two will go. The first floor bar will be turned into a teaching and conference area.