Stanton idea not suitable


If the suggested creation of a waterside development and high quality homes on the old Stanton site is to replace the proposed housing scheme, then it must be a non-starter, even if there is a delay in the site becoming available for housing.

With the prospect of thousands of houses being built on green field sites throughout Erewash and Broxtowe, surely the suggestion for building such a grandiose scheme at the present time is living in dreamland.

I firmly believe that brownfield sites where possible, if not already developed, should be first choice for houses and industry and commercial use.

There are numerous marinas and canal moorings within a short car drive from our area, with walking and cycling possible for the more active.

To build another similar scheme when young people can’t even afford a so-called ‘affordable house’ is to ignore our youngsters’ future.

The old Stanton site is hardly an area of great beauty unlike some of the sites around the edge of Ilkeston.

These are now beautiful areas and worth fighting for.

I believe the suggested canal development can only be acceptable as part of the Stanton housing proposals providing there is no loss of housing on that site or change to the original proposals.

An alternative plan for a canal basin with high-quality housing, however attractive, will hardly be affordable to people living in a high unemployment area.

I hope Saint Gobain and Erewash Borough Council turn this idea down.

Danny Corns