Stanton Ilkeston Football Club: “We will not give up on the pavilion dream”

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Plans to build a community pavilion may be put on hold due a possible undetected mining shaft.

Chairman of the club Rob Kirk said there may be a mine shaft under the site and a survey will cost £15,000.

He said: “It will be a massive shame if this doesn’t come off but we are a grass roots club and don’t have that kind of money.”

Stanton Ilkeston Football Club’s Community Project was to build a place for the whole of Ilkeston to use a function facility and provide a better space for the team.

To achieve planning permission, it has been suggested that an intrusive site investigation is needed.

This is required to confirm the remnants of the old workings.

The £600,000 community project started in December 2013 and will be funded through The FA, The Football Foundation, Sport England, WREN, NHS & other external sponsors and Stanton Ilkeston FC.

Rob said: “We need your help as our plans are in jeopardy.

“The thought of £600,000 not being invested in to Ilkeston, the Borough of Erewash and on the land of Derbyshire County Council makes me feel extremely sad.”

Stanton Ilkeston Football Club was given a fundraising target of ten per cent of the total project costs (£60,000) by The FA, to secure the project.

The club has already paid out £16,000 in fees and administration costs and fundraised £24,000 for the project.

A further £20,000 pledged or planned to be raised in the first quarter of 2016.

The club will still be able to play on the pitch at Awsworth Road and use the changing rooms if the report finds there is a mine shaft.

“We are being haunted by a mining legacy from a colliery built in the 1800s that may or not may not have been filled in properly,” said Rob.

He added: “Now is the time to push fundraising and not give up on the pavilion dream.”