Stanton site is key despite car fears

I believe the inspector made the correct decision regarding the re-development of the former Stanton site — providing any new industry proposed is high employment-based and not just two people in a warehouse operating a forklift truck. The jobs prospects should be bright.

Obviously affordable housing will be welcome for present and future generations.

Traffic will present a problem as Sandiacre town centre, Little Hallam Hill and Kirk Halam won’t be able to cope with the proposed increase.

In fact, 80% of future traffic heading for Nottingham is expected to head through Trowell, where I live.

I drive a car myself, so why should I be immune from the traffic problems?

I don’t think, however, despite all these issues, the Stanton site shouldn’t be developed.

I don’t believe, also, any particular village should be considered a special case and be exempt from the traffic problems, as one pressure group believes.

It is obvious that a connecting road to the M1 or a link road to the A52 through the green fields will be required in the future as these will affect the least number of people and properties.

I hope the council that makes the final decision regarding the Stanton site emulates their far-seeing post-war predecessors who built the Cotmanhay and Kirk Hallam estates with the help, of course, from Stanton Ironworks in the most important development of the last 60 years.

Danny Corns,

Trowell Grove, Trowell.