Stanton truck is a landmark


Well done, Stephen, for getting up early enough to see the Stanton truck leave Ilkeston; we hope it will not be too long before it is back (Stephen Flinders, well known local historian, took a photograph of the truck being removed from its island for potential refurbishment.)

I am reminded that when I first saw Ilkeston Market Place a few years ago I was struck by sight of a fine old iron coal truck (or were there two, I cannot remember) standing outside the Town Hall as a reminder of the town’s mining heritage.

I now know much more about Ilkeston than I did then, and realise they were also representative of the town’s other main industry, iron founding, and were probably manufactured at Stanton.

They seem to have disappeared.

Can anyone remember where they went, and please can we have them back?

Mrs Joyce Rich

Farfield Road