Stanton wagon is an industrial icon

THE Stanton Wagon is a truly iconic monument to our industrial heritage and one which must be returned to the town.

While £15,400 seems a large amount of money, this will restore the wagon to its former glory – giving a further 15 years of life to something that means so much to so many people who live in Ilkeston.

Much like the towns across the area which have old pit wheels as a reminder of their past, the Stanton Wagon is a reminder of the great work which went off at Stanton Ironworks.

A massive percentage of our town’s workforce used to walk through the gates to the ironworks to produce impressive engineering feats on a daily basis.

It was tough work but is a history that our town is incredibly proud of.

That is why we are supporting the council’s stance to get this work done.

Break it down to £1,000 upkeep a year and the cash does not seem such a large stumbling block any more.

But as always we would love to hear from you. Do you back the restoration plans or not?

You can have your say about this by emailing or any of the ways highlighted below.

Peter Hemmett