Stapleford station front desk closes

NILALM110503A1 - Stapleford police station
NILALM110503A1 - Stapleford police station
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COST CUTTING moves announced by Nottinghamshire Police mean that the front desk at Stapleford station will close.

The decision was announced last week and will mean the nearest staffed police reception will be at Beeston station.

The news comes as councillors and MPs are fighting the decision to close the walk-in facility at the Stapleford Care Centre.

Division inspector Craig Berry wrote to councillors last week to tell them that Stapleford station’s front counter would close as well as Eastwood and Kimberley’s.

In the letter, Insp Berry said: “Demand for services across some front counters is low and closures will achieve significant cost savings of up to £412,000 per year which will help frontline services.”

He explained that phones outside the stations would feed directly to the force control room.

Nottinghamshire police has got to make a £40m saving over the next four years and it has already announced the closures of several stations across the county.

Stapleford resident, Johanne Spencer said: “To be honest Stapleford Police station may as well not even be there as it’s never noticably being manned.

“We never see police walking the streets unless there’s been a burglary and even then it’s not much so if it closes it wouldn’t make a difference as Beeston always attends local problems anyway.”

A force spokesperson said: “Last autumn a comprehensive review of all buildings and sites, owned or leased, by Nottinghamshire Police got under way.

“This assessment of the force’s estate is being driven by the significant funding reductions over the next four years and the reshaping of the organisation to become more efficient and effective.

“The reality is we have too many police buildings and closing these sites will generate income for the force in excess of £1.2m while delivering cost savings of £260,000.

“We are continuing to review our remaining estate to see if further savings can be identified, and any further proposals will be put before the Police Authority.

“However, we are absolutely not moving out of our communities and we are committed to protecting and enhancing our front line policing services.

“All Neighbourhood Policing officers will be co-located in more visible and accessible locations within their communities, and no station will be closed until alternative accommodation is found.”