Statement of ‘Tiser intent

What a fab feature in the ‘Tiser for Local Newspaper Week! It is often through our local newspapers that people look to find out what is really going on and newspapers mean so much to people that they often save printed copies for many, many years as a record of significant events in their life. I have many copies of the Advertiser stashed away that have things that matter to me in them.

It is brilliant that our ‘Tiser has made this very important statement of intent and pledges to always cut through the smokescreens and get to the true facts of the matter by asking hard questions of people who may do almost anything to avoid giving a full and frank answer and to state publicly that they won’t let evasive answers or unreturned phone calls prevent them from seeking to publish the truth on behalf of local people.

There is always pressure for space and many people wanting to get their voice heard so the newspaper has a big responsibility to its readers to get the balance right.

I am reassured by your public pledge and hope you will be delving into the voting records of all our local councillors and MPs who are in positions of power to balance up anything they do or say in public.

It is absolutely true what the editor says that ‘without press freedom our democracy and with it the basic freedoms we all enjoy would be vulnerable to abuse by the rich and powerful and those with vested interests to serve’.

And we must also never forget what Malcolm X, the human rights campaigner also said: “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing”.

I am reassured now that this won’t be happening in our brilliant ‘Tiser.

Elizabeth Potter,

Barlborough Rd, Cotmanhay.