Station will mean loss of shoppers

There is currently an air of self-congratulation in about regarding the probability of a railway station being opened in Ilkeston. But a sense of reality needs to be introduced into the situation.

A rail service will not bring people into Ilkeston but will give people access to the better shopping facilities at Meadowhall, Sheffield and Leeds.

As a result, my guess is that there will be a net loss of shoppers in the town.

Many ‘Tiser readers who have indicated they will use the station, such as Mr Greensmith (edition of Thursday January 31) are going to be disappointed if they think that the station ‘will be handy’ for trips to Derby and Matlock — it will not.

Mrs Wallington (also in the January 31 edition), shows some sense of reality in saying that the station ‘will make no difference to us’ and will continue to use the cheaper and more convenient bus service, but she should be aware that where the station will make a difference is in her future council-tax payments.

I would like to end by paraphrasing from the Kevin Costner film Field Of Dreams: ‘If you build it, they will come’.

Unfortunately, I fear that as far as a railway station is concerned, this will not be the case in 21st-century, recession-hit Ilkeston.

Old Ilkestonian,

Barclay Court, Ilkeston.