Statue would be better


I see in the Advertiser this week plans to spend £15,400 for wagon work.

Regarding David Woodward’s comment from The Wider View section, David states: “I hoped I’d seen the last of it.”

Well I fully agree with him. I pass that island with the monstrosity on it at least twice every day and from the day it was placed there I wished it gone.

The council would like it restored it to its former glory ?

What glory would that be? A coal wagon never had any glory.

Its the train that pulled it that took the glory.

Most town’s I visit have some nice statues or sculptures on them, Ilkeston’s is the worse one I’ve ever seen.

As you join Awsworth from the A610 end on the traffic island there is a old mining car which was used to carry supplies underground.

As an ex-miner from the age of 16 till I joined the Royal Navy at the age of 21 I consider that mining car an insult to me and those that worked underground all their lives, especially those that have lost their lives coal mining.

If you want to pay tribute to miners place a statue of a coal miner grafting on his knees as he was in dark wet low working conditions .

And the same with the Stanton Wagon. It is an insult to Ilkeston, ironworkers and their families .

These men helped put Ilkeston on the map, grafted long hours for little pay, pouring red hot steel in extreme high temperatures – some being scarred for life from the splashes of hot steel. Some lost their lives

If Ilkeston wants to pay tribute to theses hard working men, build a monument or make a sculpture and call it “Men of Steel”. Lets show some respect for these men, not place a grotty rail wagon on a traffic island.

If the council can’t afford something to pay tribute, plant a tree but that grotty wagon needs to go in the furnace not be refurbished.

Bryn Jones