Still no new CCTV at trouble hotspot

NILALM110913F1 - Queen Elizabeth Way Kirk Hallam
NILALM110913F1 - Queen Elizabeth Way Kirk Hallam
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Campaigners are still waiting for new CCTV eight months after a review into security cameras across the borough was meant to be complete.

Early last year, a petition was presented to Erewash Borough Council, signed by Kirk Hallam residents, demanding a digital update to the old analogue cameras around the shops in Queen Elizabeth Way.

In the months leading up to the petition, a number of incidents were reported to the police in the area, including one in which a man was smashed in the face with a glass bottle in a nearby pub car park.

The council said its review of CCTV across the borough was due to be finished in May but so far no new cameras have been installed at the trouble hotspot.

Campaigner Linda Frudd, who lives in Queen Elizabeth Way with Labour councillor husband John Frudd, presented the petition of about 400 signatures in February.

“I question the ridiculous length of time it is taking to even get an answer as to whether or not Kirk Hallam will get CCTV in the vicinity of the local shops,” she said.

“We’re still getting trouble from time to time at those shops – this isn’t going to change until there is some sort of perceived deterrent, namely a system that works because it is properly serviced and really up to date.”

Now Labour councillor Michelle Booth is demanding answers at the next community forum meeting this Tuesday.

“I am sure that the volunteers who support and operate the CCTV system would welcome an upgrade worthy of the 21st century now that we are well into its second decade,” she said.

“Deterring crime with inadequate tools wouldn’t be acceptable anywhere else in 21st-century Britain, so why does Erewash have to be the last outpost of the Stone Age?”

For the council’s response see this week’s Advertiser out Thursday.