Stop telling us and listen


It really is about time Councillor Corbett stopped telling the people of Ilkeston what they can have and listened to what they want.

It is also about time he stopped hiding behind the Royal British Legion. They have said unequivocally that if asked ‘they would parade at midnight’.

Of course many members of the RBL have a preference to be elsewhere at 11am on Remembrance Sunday. They simply have never been given the opportunity to parade at 11am in Ilkeston; they have never been given a choice.

The Service held on Sunday, at 3pm, was never a Remembrance service but a service of rededication of the cenotaph, which was unveiled at 3pm on January 8, 1922.

The service of Remembrance in Ilkeston, always took place on November 11, at 11am, no matter what the day of the week, and the RBL paraded at that time up until 1957.

However, due to the falling numbers and reluctance of employers to grant time off to Legion members the parade was switched to Remembrance Sunday, and merged with the existing service at 3pm. Again, the time of the existing service was convenient, as many RBL members went elsewhere at 11am.

What Labour members are saying is that the Remembrance Service should not be arranged for the convenience of those organising it, but should be arranged for the convenience and wishes of those attending – the good people of Ilkeston.

Cllr F.C. Phillips

Ilkeston Central Ward