Story of SAS ‘first hero’ bought to life

Bebe Daniels book cover
Bebe Daniels book cover

A Deryshire born war hero who grew up in poverty stricken Ilkeston in World War Two’s shadow is to have his story published in three books.

The late George Daniels who joined the SAS told personal accounts to author David Dalrymple of Long Eaton.

The first and second books contain accounts of George’s life with a final book of photographs that George, who later became known as ‘Bebe’, took with a camera while with the SAS.

David, who also works as a therapeutic counsellor, said: “This is a man who overcame abuse as a child by moving to Ilkeston to get away from his father and then joined the SAS .”

He added: “I hope the book will give people in Ilkeston a sense of pride in its people from the past.”

‘Bebe’ Daniels excelled in many expeditions, his most notable - a raid in Italy which almost cost his life.

The operation’s success led him to be awarded the MM Military medal where he was given the accolade of SAS’s ‘first hero’ by the Daily Mail newspaper.

George passed away in 2003 aged 84. His home on Jackson Avenue, Ilkeston is still owned by family today.

The first part to his story, ‘Whatever happened to Bebe Daniels?’ can be purchased at