Street wants help over empty house

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PEOPLE living near an empty Ilkeston house have told the Advertiser it has become a hotspot for crime and anti-social behaviour.

Anthony Henshaw contacted the Advertiser after requests to sort out the Field Road house have proved unsuccessful.

He said: “It’s an absolute nightmare.

“There’s people on the roof, stealing lead and causing trouble. The police put the helicopter up to catch the thieves.

“We’ve had to board it up because no one else will.

“Drunks and drug users use the garden as a toilet, it’s noisy, the garden’s overgrown and what if they set a fire in there?”

The property has been vacant for the past four years when the man who lived there died.

Mr Henshaw explained that the man who lived in the house didn’t leave a will and the property was in his mum’s name so the future of the home is still being taken through probate.

“We’ve had lead stolen from our roof and it’s just attracting crime and anti-social behaviour,” he added.

“We’ve contacted the council and they haven’t done anything and neither have the solicitors.

“We can’t think of anything else to do.”

A spokesman for Erewash Borough Council told the Advertiser that messages concerning the house had been passed on to solicitors dealing with the estate encouraging action to sort the problems as it is a private property.

And a spokesman for the solicitors involved told the Advertiser: “Difficult legal circumstances have meant that resolving the situation with the property have taken some time.

“I’d like to reassure neighbours that everything possible is being done to reach a quick conclusion.”