Streets strewn with litter

Drive-by litterbugs will think it’s rubbish but if they’re caught throwing trash from the car they could face on-the-spot fines.

In a bid to clamp down on the anti-social habit penalties of £100 can be imposed on anyone seen throwing anything from a car.

The fines are being introduced in London but many cities now employ litter wardens with the power to impose instant penalties.

Every weekend in the UK a staggering 1.3 million items of rubbish are dumped on the streets - including cigarette packets, fast-food containers, beer cans and chewing gum.

Each year, enough rubbish is strewn on the streets to fill 750,000 bin bags.

Drive-by littering is an offence, including dropping cigarette butts - the number one litter item in cities, according Autonational Rescue.

“Why on Earth do we do it when it seriously annoys so many people and makes our roads and street look so ugly,” said Autonational Rescue marketing manager Ronan Hart.