Strongman slams TV show judges

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A STRONGMAN asked to audition for top TV show Britain’s Got Talent by its producers has slammed the programme after he failed to make it through to the live shows.

Ilkeston man John Evans, 64, is famous for his head balancing act which has won him countless world records and scored him appearances on top TV shows across the globe.

He told the Advertiser of his disappointment after producers have tried to get him to appear on the Saturday night ratings winner for five years.

He said: “All this show has done is give me a nasty whack and that’s absolutely disgusting.

“I didn’t expect to win but I’ve been the star attraction worldwide and just wanted Britain to lead the world in entertainment and talent.

“I’ve travelled the world appearing on TV representing our nation.

“I know I’ve got talent, the world knows I’ve got talent or I wouldn’t be asked to go all over and perform.

“What you have to ask yourself is do the judges have the skills to seek out talent?”

In the show, contestants from all over the UK battle it out to win the chance to perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Show.

John had impressed judges Amanda Holden and Michael McIntyre at the Manchester auditions and despite the thumbs down from David Hasselhoff, he made it through to the next stage.

John said: “I was restricted as to what I could do at the first audition because of stage space but I balanced 20 tubs on my head, it measured ten foot wide and five foot high and the audience loved it.

“When I let go there was a massive cheer and Amanda and Michael said they really liked it.”

John went to Hammersmith last week where 1,500 hopefuls were whittled down to the final 50 who appear on live shows where the public vote on their favourite acts.

He was disappointed to discover he had not been chosen for the next round.

He said: “I just feel like I should have been given this chance.

“They pestered me and persuaded me and then this.

“Someone decided I’ve not got enough talent to appear on the show and I find it insulting and disgusting that I can’t prove the talent this country has.”