Students awarded role of prefect

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More than 50 students have become ambassadors at an Ilkeston school after being awarded the role of prefect.

Students in year 11 at Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy who want to become prefects are asked to write a letter saying why they would be suitable for the role and what qualities they have.

They also had to provide a reference and be interviewed before they were selected.

Their new duties include helping out at events attended by parents and monitoring behaviour in the dinner hall, on the buses and in the corridors.

Lewis Siara, 15, said he was enjoying his new prefect role.

He said: “I wanted to become a prefect because I thought it would allow me to develop new skills. I also think it’s good for the future to be able to show people that we took this kind of responsibility.”

Also appointed were the school’s new head boy and head girl.

Leah Edge, 15, of Ilkeston, and Matthew Shepherd, 15, of Derby, were awarded the roles after putting themselves forward and going through a selection process.

Leah said she couldn’t believe that she had been awarded the role.

She said: “I was shocked but really pleased. It was the best feeling ever when we went out on stage and everyone was clapping. It was amazing to think that people had taken the time to vote for us. It was a real confidence boost.”

Head boy Matthew added: “It is hard to fit it all in with studying for our GCSEs but it’s definitely worth it.”

Head teacher Joan McCarthy said the new prefects were already doing a fantastic job.

She said: “Becoming a prefect allows students to learn about responsibility and representing their school. The students who have been awarded the role have already risen to the challenge.”