Students become more eco-friendly

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Students at Kirk Hallam Community Academy were urged to consider how their actions impact on the environment during a theatre company workshop.

A total of 240 year eight students took part in a programme called Waste Watchers, which is led by theatre company We Are Gibber and funded by Derbyshire County Council.

The session started off with all students watching a play which follows the story of three year eight students all with differing knowledge, attitude and opinions about environmental issues.

Students then took part in a workshop during which they considered what actions they could take to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste to help protect the environment for themselves and future generations.

One exercise involved students guessing how long it would take for different objects to decompose including a sock, an apple and a plastic bottle.

Claire Linley, PSHE co-ordinator at Kirk Hallam Community Academy, said students thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with We Are Gibber.

She said: “This is an important message to deliver to our students and will hopefully encourage them to reduce and reuse more.

“It’s also something that they can take home with them and talk to their parents about too.”

We Are Gibber is currently touring secondary schools in Derbyshire with its workshops.