Students show off their art creations

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Fashion in the 1960s, body parts and animal rights inspired Ilkeston students as they created work for an exhibition.

Year 12 and 13 students at Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy were asked to create a range of work based on a certain theme as part of their studies, to be displayed in the academy’s King George Gallery.

The themes were flaws, perfection, ideals and compromises and the year 12 students were asked to explore relationships.

Sue Watton, head of art at the academy, said she was extremely proud of all the students who created works of art.

She said: “They were given a brief and they all took it in different directions and worked in a range of mixed media from paint to print and fashion.

“We gave some of them a few ideas but generally they were all confident, they worked very hard and produced some really accomplished pieces which look great. We are very proud of all of them.”

Michael Straw, 17, created a moving Lego character and two short animated films.

He said: “I’m studying an art graphics A-level and I made the Lego character with fully moving parts because I wanted to look at the growth and revolution of Lego.

“I also made a short animation about the body, which could be of educational use. “Ultimately I’m looking to go to university and study 3D animation. I would love to work on graphics for video games.”

Art student Ingrid Lambert, 18, made a dress that was inspired by her passion for animal rights.

She said: “I’m vegetarian and I’m a strong believer in animal rights and I like Vivien Westwood so I came up with a dress which has a long train.

“I have always loved fashion. I felt relieved when I finally finished the dress and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.”

Holli Patrick, 17, is studying AS-level art and she created two dresses for the exhibition.

She said: “I’ve never made a dress before but I wanted to explore the growth and evolution of fashion through different eras.

“I looked at the 1960s and 1970s and did a lot of research.

“I laser cut lots of circular mirrored glass pieces which had a paisley pattern on them and then I had to attach them altogether to make a dress.

“It was quite hard and I’d never made a dress before I did this. There were 340 glass circles in total and it took me about a week to finish.”