Takeaways and cafe in Ilkeston get low hygiene score

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Three of Ilkeston’s eating establishments have been told they need to improve after the latest round of hygiene reports.

All Things Nice, Sun Wah and Agra Takeaway all received Level Two scores in their assessments from Erewash Borough Council, recommending they make improvements in cleaning and management.

The Tandori chef at Agra, on Bath Street, was seen to be handling ready-to-eat food like cheese and salad, without washing his hands, said the report, as well as using dirty cloths to clean spills, and rice, chicken and curry sauce was left out at room temperature.

At All Things Nice, on Bath Street, inspectors did see food handlers washing their hands but then turning off taps by directly touching them, potentially causing cross-contamination.

They also noticed meats being stored in close proximity to ready-to-eat foods and said the garage door to the premises could let in pests.

At Sun Wah, on Park Road, cooks were not wearing protective clothing but did put on aprons as soon as the inspectors arrived.

Kitchen surfaces where food would be prepared were found to be “sticky to the touch,” said the inspectors, who visited on March 25.

They added in the guidance to the restaurant: “The level of food hygiene awareness of your food handlers was inadequate.

“I was informed that the owners have gone to China on an extended holiday and that none of the persons present were sure who was in charge of the business.”

While the three restaurants each had low scores, Erewash Borough Council said immediate changes could be made.

Vicky Street, of Erewash Borough Council, said: “A health risk condition has to be fulfilled to close a business down - there’s got to be a very specific criteria confirmed by the courts for us to take that action.

“Yes there are things wrong but we don’t think these are problems that are going to cause issues imminently, but they need to be addressed.

“If they get a score of zero we’d need to look at more serious action.

“We don’t want them to go out of business because these are things that can be put right and their standards need to be improved and maintained.”

None of the restaurant managers were available for comment at the time of publication.