Taking issue over cost claim


I would like to take issue with Councillor Corbett when he says in this weeks Advertiser that motions to full council cost the taxpayer money.

I have been an Erewash Borough councillor for a long time, and as far as I can remember motions to full council have been an integral part of council business at most full council meetings.

On a few occasions where there have not been any motions, other matters are debated anyway – reports, items in the minute book, minutes standing referred to council, questions from both councillors and members of the public, petitions handed in from members of the public, and interaction with interested pressure groups such as the SOS group better known as Save our Swimming.

The same officers attend, the same councillors attend, the same support staff attend, the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, the chief executive all attend. So why is it any different to any other full council? And how can there be any difference in cost incurred?

Perhaps this is one of Councillor Corbett’s red herrings to dupe the public into thinking that it’s all that mischievous Labour group’s fault for daring to question Councillor Corbett and his controlling Tories.

Councillor John Frudd

Kirk Hallam ward member