Teachers lose food fight in school’s music video

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Teachers at Cotmanhay Junior School gamely submitted themselves to losing a mock food fight with year six pupils as the pupils’ graduation to secondary school was marked with a new school song and video. The video shows school staff getting pelted with ‘gruel’ and soundly beaten in a water fight. See left for more.

Headteacher Simon Robinson wrote the new song, entitled Stick Together. He said: “It’s all about breaking down barriers and demonstrating that schools can still be fun places to work. These days we hear too much about children being treated as data and the profession not being attractive to new staff. At Cotmanhay we try really hard to balance hard work with good fun.

“It’s been a year of challenges as always. We have to work really hard to counter the effect of the National Curriculum and government assessment procedures, which don’t provide the best platform for the kind of education we would ideally like to deliver to our pupils.

“However all our staff work with great fortitude to ensure that every single one of our pupils gets an excellent educational journey. Cotmanhay Junior School really is a safe, happy place to learn.”
The end of year video is accessible here at www.youtube.com/watch?v=BH3JhiaS_Eg