Tell us views on theme park site

MDB090109e8'Overgrown: The old American adventure site.
MDB090109e8'Overgrown: The old American adventure site.

Plans for the former American Adventure site are set to go on display to the public next month, it has been revealed this week.

As many Ilkestonians were employed at the former theme park, and a lot of people, particularly in the Cotmanhay and Shipley View areas, are set to be affected by the site’s extra traffic and pressure on local services, we, at the Advertiser, want to know what you would like to see there.

No details of the Shipley Lakeside site, which could contain hundreds of houses, have yet been released by Alfreton-based developers Waystone.

And the site was not included in Amber Valley Borough Council’s core strategy document, detailing where 9,000 homes could be built before 2028, which was put out for public consultation last week.

Cllr Kevin Parkinson said this was because it is such an ‘unusual’ site, which sits in greenbelt between Ilkeston and Heanor.

It could, he said, threaten other sites in the borough by ‘setting a precedent’ and encouraging developers to submit plans on greenbelt land.

He also said that the masterplan for the site may not be agreed upon until well after the core strategy document is sent off to Westminster.

But Mapperley resident Joe Henshaw said that not including the site in the core strategy spoke volumes.

“What is driving this desire to build houses all over the former theme park?” he asked,

He added: “If the Lakeside plans go ahead, one might reasonably conclude that greed rather than need is about to rob local people permanently of the valuable public open space between Ilkeston and Heanor.”

Plans are set to be on display at an exhibition in the first week of November, according to Cllr Parkinson.

It will then go out for at least four weeks of public consultation before a planning application is submitted in spring next year.