Ten questions with.. Matt Henshaw

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Matt is a singer songwriter who grew up in Ilkeston. His new single Easier is out today.

What are your hobbies?

I’ve made what most people would call a hobby or an interest into my full-time job, and despite contrary popular opinion, it is hard work. But I follow football as best I can, play when I’m asked, if I can, try not to fall over.

What is your favourite film?

The Godfather. I always say it. It’s the most perfect film ever made.

What is your biggest achievement in life?

I suppose making doing what I love into my job, and making it work. But in terms of awards there’s nice little glass statuette on the piano in my living room for Best Male Singer/Songwriter in the Midlands that I won earlier this year, that was nice.

What are your hopes for the future of this area?

I was in town for one of the bank holidays this summer and it is getting there. Hopefully when the train station arrives and the football team gets back up to where it should be and easily could be I think it will get better.

What is your favourite place to eat in Ilkeston ?

The Durham Ox was nice last time I was in there, I used to work in the Rutland Cottage, I’m sure they still do a good spread, and my mate Zee would probably tell me off if I don’t mention Patti House.

Where is your favourite local place to go on a day trip?

Quackers was an amazing little thing to have in Ilkeston, I hope something like that comes back, great for the kids to see and play with some animals. There’s loads of stuff to do in Ilson, swimming, woods, parks, not enough people have been to the museum.

What is your idea of a perfect Saturday night?

A few thousand people singing along to my new single. Anywhere in the world.

If you could change anything in Ilkeston what would it be?

A few of the buildings are a bit of an eyesore, Tesco and the Bowling Alley could do with scrubbing up or scrubbing off, but really a general attitude or mentality shift.

What will your epitaph say?

God Loves A Trier - Belief Is All - Matt Henshaw wrote some songs.
To listen to Matt’s new song Easier visit matthenshaw.com