Tenants still angry

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TENANTS in Three Valleys homes affected by major rewiring work say they are still out of pocket, despite a ‘goodwill gesture’ from the housing provider.

Two weeks ago the Advertiser reported that residents in Beatty Walk and Nelson Street in Cotmanhay were forced out of their homes so the work could be carried out and were compensated with £100 Wilkinson vouchers to redecorate with, despite apparent extensive damage to their homes.

Three Valleys responded to complaints by offering an extra £75 to tenants in three-bedroomed houses who have the work done in future.

Angry residents who had already been disrupted by the work then contacted the firm who have now given them a ‘goodwill gesture’ of £45.

Managing director of Three Valleys Sue Coulson, said: “I am delighted to confirm that – as a goodwill gesture – we have sent an additional decoration voucher to our affected customers.”

She added: “We always strive to minimise the amount of disruption to the properties and for our customers as a result of this work, and ensure they are fully informed about what to expect before the work starts.

“We have always provided a decorations allowance for customers following such work as a contribution towards the cost of redecorating.

“The amount of decoration allowance is awarded on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on the size of the property and the extent of the disruption experienced, which is agreed with the resident following an inspection of the property.

“Not every customer receives the maximum allowance, therefore.”

But tenants say they still feel not enough has been done.

“There are a lot of pensioners on this estate” explained residents in a letter to the Advertiser.

“It is disgusting that people of their age have their lives turned upside down – it’s not fair.”

Affected residents say they now wish they had not let workmen into their homes.

“We wish we had let Three Valleys take court action and then see what the court had to say about the ‘over-generous’ money they are offering,” the letter says.