Tests for caravans

I am writing regarding the proposed new legislation involving caravans.

The tough, new testing regime for caravans could see UK holidaymakers hit by onerous and stringent laws, thanks again to the EU. The EU’s Transport Committee wants to see all caravans over 750kg subjected to strict MOT testing from 2017 – proposals which are not needed, and are expensive and onerous.

I was a caravanner for quite a few years and our caravan was serviced by the local dealer every year, we had no desire to see it part company somewhere along a German motorway, nor yet be able to use it for some mechanical reason.

We are in the hands here, again, of a bunch of EU bureaucrats who have noticed caravans on the move, decided that they are a hazard and that caravanners are loopy and that their travelling home on wheels needs EU attention.

I spoke on this issue in Strasbourg.

Votes on the whole proposal 560 to 94. However, there is no legislation at this stage as the chairman of the Transport Committee asked for the legislative resolution on the report to be postponed so that it can be looked at again in committee.

Let’s hope commonsense prevails – although I doubt it.

Derek Clark