Thanks for Poppy support


May I, through your columns extend the thanks of the Royal British Legion, Ilkeston, to the following for donations of raffle prizes, the many who attended the event to launch the Poppy Appeal this year.

Firstly, to ‘Trevie’ for his entertainment on the night, this was most enjoyable, to his wife for the work she put in before the night, family and friends who came along and members of the public who also came to give support.

The raffle prizes donated by: Ashley Peak, Moors Flowers, Thorpes Furniture, The Worx Hair Salon, Whirls coffee Shop. All of South Street, Foot Above Bath Street, Derby Live, Westfield Centre, Derby and the Members of the Branch.

This was truly a great effort by all concerned, which raised £650 to the Appeal, this will go to the aid of the ex-service community, again many thanks.

Ken Foster

The Royal British Legion