Thanks for support

I am writing to thank you for all the support the Ilkeston Advertiser and general pubklic have given me throughout my suspension after 45 years trading on the market.

I was suspended for expressing an opinion on the way the market was being run – a sheer suppression of my democratic right as a citizen of the United Kingdom.

I would like to explain the reason for the dispute:

Traders on the lower market have always been afforded the right to have their vans at the rear of the stalls since the market began in the early sixties, due to security and protection from the weather. I was only trying to get a reasonable, common sense answer to why, suddenly the vans have to be removed. All I was told was, that it was a rule and there was no other explanation.

This after over 40 years with no complaint from the public or the emergency services, seems totally out of order.

If there was a charge to pay for keeping vehicles behind the stalls I am sure all of the lower market traders would acceopt it.

What is needed is for the rule 5.1, which states ‘Vehicles must not be left on the Market or adjacent roadways after unloading’ to be amended.

This would prevent the problem arising in the future.

With this in mind, I shall be collecting signatures of support form our wonderfully supportive customers and the people of Ilkeston - all I have spoken to have no objection and similarly see no reason to uphold this ruling.

Once again, many thanks to all involved. I have been totally overwhelmed by all of the support I have received. The suspension has now been lifted and I am once again trading on Ilkeston Market - but this is by no means the end of my dispute.

Mr G Wren

Wren’s Haberdashery