The most and least expensive streets in Ilkeston

Monsall Avenue
Monsall Avenue

For those of you who have ever fancied owning a windmill, you’re in luck - as the one on Cat and Fiddle Lane (and farm house) is for sale.

It will set you back around £750,000.

The Grange

The Grange

Windmill Farm, complete with its own gym and 6.8 acres of land, is currently one of the most expensive properties for sale in Ilkeston.
In stark contrast, the least expensive is situated on King Street and is more realistic for most people at £50,000. The property will be sold at auction.
According to the property website Mouseprice, the most expensive street to buy a house in Ilkeston is Quarry Road, where the average price is £603,641. This is followed by The Grange, Smalley, where you can expect to pay £520,863, and Park Close at £508,782.
The results are based on typing in the postcode in the centre of Ilkeston.
At the other end of the scale is Brussels Terrace, off Bath Street, where the average price is £58,200. This is followed by Monsall Avenue in Cotmanhay, Wheeldon Close and Bloomsgrove Road.
Two of the most expensive streets in DE7, which also includes areas surrounding Ilkeston, such as Horsley Woodhouse, are Main Road in Smalley and Manor Fields Drive. Main Road has an average property price of around £500,000, but is subject to change depending on the location and type of home.
Some of the most affordable streets in the area are Edale Square and Monsall Avenue.
Edale Square in Cotmanhay has an average property value of £56,000, which can vary accordingly. The properties are semi-detached and terraced. Monsall Avenue has an average property price of about £56,000, which is subject to change according to house type and location.
Compared to national prices, Ilkeston is cheaper at almost half the price. For example, two-bedroom houses sell for around £113,000, compared to £214,400 nationally.
Matt Aubin, instruction manager at Burchell Edwards on Bath Street, said he did not think these correctly reflected the house prices at either end of the scale in the area.
He said that the higher-priced houses in Ilkeston were on roads such as Manners Field Drive, off Derby Road, where one house recently sold for £475,000.
Houses in that area, including Derby Road, have sold for up to half a million.
Lower-priced areas include Cotmanhay and areas such as Stratford Street, where he said “a decent two-bed house in Ilkeston would be about £70,000, if it’s run down it would be £50,000 or more”.
He added: “With the buying market in Ilkeston you tend to find decent terraced houses going for around £75,000 on streets such as those off Alvenor Street, which is an interesting contrast because they are close to the part of town where prices are lower due to crime rates. I have worked in Derby and Nottingham. I like Ilkeston, it has a good contrast of properties compared to Long Eaton, where prices can vary from £80,000 to £200,000 on the same street.
“Mouseprice is very good at giving average prices and guidance prices, but people should always go to an estate agent.”
. allows people to type in their postcode to find the average house prices in their area.